Kailua’s most famous visitors are extending their Hawaii vacation by a day. President Obama will stay until the evening of January 3. He arrived five days later than planned due to the extended Congressional session, although his wife and daughters came ahead as originally scheduled.

The president and his family are staying in a house at the end of Kailua beach located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, bordered by a canal, with the Koolau mountains behind. The only visible sign of their presence is the small white tents that provide shade to security personnel. From the street, traffic is stopped and refused unless authorized. A couple of military-looking boats float along the canal. On the beach, a two sticks in the sand mark the end of public access. People who live in the neighborhood show an identification card to pass. Others stay on the beach behind.

This morning, families, children and dogs played on the beach, taking casual note of the border sticks. No line of onlookers marred the scene. The president has kept a low profile: snorkeling at Hanauma Bay on Tuesday (when it is closed to the public anyway), making a quick stop for shave ice with his children, golfing. On at least one golf outing, he left the course briefly to shake hands with people waiting nearby. According to reports from the press pool who are staying in Waikiki on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, most of his time has been spent with his family and friends.

Locals seem happy to have the first family in residence but want to give them the opportunity to relax and enjoy their time in Hawaii. You, too, can enjoy the presidential view:


  1. I think that first picture was taken from my lanai!  That's what I see every morning.  I can't paddle my outrigger because of all the secret service in the water!

  2. How exciting Even Obama knows where to go for peace.  Hope he and his family have the most relaxed stay here in Hawaii as possible.

  3. Ahhh! Beautiful weather today. Not only in Kailua. McCully started off a little cloudy at first but as the late morning blended into pre-noon a steady waft of Hawaiian Air danced through my window and melted into my office. It was as if a familiar friend showing up after so many years of being away, WONDERFUL!
    Anyhow, today was probably the first rain-free day McCully has experienced in a week. The trade winds returned, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, My Oh! My what a wonderful day.
    The Obama Ohana must be so happy to return to our wonderful island weather. I 'm glad they could share it with us and I'm just glad Hawaii days are back.

  4. Welcome home President Obama!  So glad the first family comes home to enjoy our beautiful state, as he is truly deserving of this R&R!  We paddled right there the day before he came and we were interviewed by channel 7 news.  They asked if we minded not being able to paddle here while the First family was in town, and even tho we miss our regular workouts, we didn't mind shifting our routine a bit.  Although we would've loved saying 'Aloha Kakahiaka' to the First family as we paddled by.

  5. The only sign I saw on my walk around the area yesterday was one on the canal that said: "E Komo Mai Obama Ohana". I think people here are proud that he returns here for rest, regardless of their political views.

  6. Granted they are amongst the most prominent and headlined families in the world right now, when in Hawaii they are left alone and minimally showcased because we have the decency to give them space to enjoy themselves.  I have to say while it amazes other people in the nation, it never amazes us who live here.  What everyone must understand is to us they are family returning home for a visit and don't want to be bombarded with loads of hankering.  We are happy for their SAFE return and will greet them if seen but mostly just leave them to enjoy each other.
    TY Paul, I so voted for him and will again. 

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