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A Merry and Heartwarming Christmas Homecoming

We know Pearl Harbor as an active port for military deployments. But I was privileged to help photograph a much happier event — a Homecoming, and a Christmas one at that. The nuclear submarine the Olympia, which had been in the west Pacific area for six months, came home to a celebration reunion with friends and family. The Homecomings are organized events, but not without some mystery. Families are not notified of the exact date until just before the arrival. For this emotional event, I want to present to you a sampling of what I saw and let the pictures tell the story.

The Olympia is prepared to disembark and even has a red carpet in place for servicemen.

Where else but Hawaii can you see such a spectacularly draped submarine — all dressed up with its welcoming lei!!

This sailor got his favorite drink delivered to him as soon as he stepped off the sub. He said he’s had a craving for months!.

And there were many sailors who had no family here to personally greet them. But each one got a kukui nut lei and welcoming hug from an organizer. Honestly, I was just about ready to put my camera down in order to give some of these guys a hug. But he looks very happy to be back on terra firma.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 25, 2010