Unusual Hawaii post office line

The post office is a busy place this time of year, no matter where you live. But the activity outside a Honolulu post office this morning wasn’t due to holiday packages. Hawaii Five-0 was shooting a scene – the lawn was filled with actors, crew and the tent city of supplies that accompanies them.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the scene was the absence of real-world drama. The television series is called a “crime drama” and the scene this morning seemed to involve extras dressed as attorneys. Grace Park was the focus of the cameras. While I was there, she came out of a tent, did some quick stretches/limbering up moves and then shot a scene walking along the sidewalk at the front of the post office/courthouse. After that, the crew moved equipment and she waited under an awning.

During all this, people passed on their way to work. Some stopped to take a quick photo and then continued. A couple of people in cars in the parking lot had a front-row seat for the action. There was a uniformed officer standing at the corner, but no one approached and no crowd gathered. The street was open and cars passed by, sometimes taking note of the shooting but most often not. One car that pulled over to talk to a crew member was driven by a woman who just wanted to know what time the post office opens.

Don’t miss a thing at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach. Call 1-800-843-8771 to talk with agents in Hawaii.

The King Kalakaua building houses state offices and a post office. Although the sign on the front of the building says it is also a courthouse and customs house, federal agencies moved out of the building in 2003 when the federal government sold it to the state of Hawaii. It was built in 1922 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as an inpidual building and as part of the Hawaii Capital Historic District.

If you have visited Honolulu, you may have passed by it – the building is next to the King Kamehameha statue and across the street from Iolani Palace.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher