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Holiday shopping in Hawaii

Get a little jump on the holidays by buying local at Hawaii’s largest mall a la “The Holiday Issue” (in 2 part harmony… part 1 today)

Coming to Oahu before or during the holidays and plan to get some gift shopping done? I’m sure you will find yourself as Ala Moana, the “world’s largest open air shopping center”, offering a span of goods from Tiffany’s to Longs Drugs. Their shopping magazine (available online) is a wonderful snapshot of items offered by the stores there, so that’s where I went first to find locally made products that are exclusive to Hawaii. These make the bests gifts, IMHO, for spreading aloha back home (mainlanders will know they have something no one else will have.)

Let’s start with a bang and go right to Kate Spade and their gorgeous limited edition hibiscus pink bag collection. There are 4 styles offered, in a killer pink leather. My favorite was the cross-over bag( $275), while the larger one featured in the magazine has a hip style lining fabric and lovely feel to it ($425). I’d love to have one. They aren’t kidding when they say these are exclusive to Hawaii. I couldn’t find them on the internet, and they would not allow me to take a picture. So here we have a picture of a picture.

Next, let’s look at a North Shore exclusive gift from Mother Nature in the form of the rare Sunrise Shell earrings. These do look like a flash of sunlight on the ear for $195 in gold wire or in a necklace. For a bigger look, the upi shell makes a statement as a necklace on cord. Each is an inpidual work of nature and the clerk said , the bigger the better’, in terms of popularity, and these are reasonably priced at <$50. Available at Hawaiian Accessories kiosk. Lastly, when I saw these in real life, I bought one immediately. Midori-Dori kiosk offers the cutest and eco-friendly locally made gift wraps. These are fabric wraps with bow that are in Asian and Hawaiian fabrics in many different sizes and colors. They can be wrapped around just about any shape of gift. And actually become part of the gift. Wonderful stocking stuffers too. These are available on the web for order, if you can't make it here, and are perfect for any gift giving occasion. Just dern adorable and at a good price point.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 15, 2010