Hawaii for Senior Travelers

Is Hawaii worth the trip if you do not wish to surf, snorkel, hike, hula or engage in other physical activities? Yes!

My folks recently celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary and they decided to mark the occasion with their first Hawaii vacation. They chose Kauai because that’s where my husband Dan and I live. Close to the end of their trip I asked them for any advice they would offer senior travelers.

Due to the long flight and four hour time difference, they both highly recommended flying overnight and resting the first day. To help them de-stress, I scheduled an in-home lomi lomi massage for their first day here. They both found it reinvigorating, and mom exclaimed “I feel twenty years younger!”

Amazed at Kauai’s beauty, they suggested getting a nice hotel room that overlooks the ocean or landscaped grounds because “this place is like a fantasy.” Mom said to “make sure you smell the flowers, the flowers are delicious!”

Both suggested wearing comfortable shoes that come off easily. Mom wore crocks, which she was glad for because the traditional flip flops irritated the space between her toes. Dad wore a Teva type shoe and switched to flip flops because his Tevas were too difficult to get on and off. Dad battles skin cancer and had forgotten a hat at home, it was difficult finding a hat that would work because the ubiquitous baseball cap doesn’t provide enough coverage.

Coming from Colorado, they regretted bringing too many heavy clothes. They were glad for the plane ride, because it was extremely cold, but they were too bulky here.

Mom’s favorite Hawaiian foods were coconuts, papaya, dragon fruit, mountain apple, mahi mahi, kalua pork, teriyaki beef, and Korean chicken.

Dad was amazed by the enormous trees and size of the feral chicken population. Laughing he said “I’ve never seen so many chickens!” As an Air Force veteran, he treated us to a trip to Oahu for a touching visit to Pearl Harbor.

Mom says “If you have the energy, see as much as possible.” Their favorites were the Smith’s luau, Hanalei Bay, Hilo Hatties, and the Napali Coast sunset dinner cruise. They liked coming in October because “there are not a lot of people and the weather is nice.” They also found the people remarkable, “Everyone here is so polite and friendly.”

Posted by: Bruce Fisher