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Hawaiian luau, unmatched tropical entertainment.

Kauai luau celebrates Hawaii’s Golden People.

Mom and dad are here celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary and no visit would be complete without experiencing a luau. The Smith Family Garden Luau was voted best luau by Kauai’s residents so we took them there. At $78.00 per person it is well worth the price; the four hour event is well coordinated and a really good time.

The evening starts with a narrated tram ride around the 30 acre gardens. Lush tropical vegetation surrounds you as the tram driver explains what everything is; which is excellent because dad has been asking Dan and I all week “what’s that plant?” and we can’t always answer him!

We were dropped off at the imu for the ceremonial unearthing. An imu (e moo) is an underground oven, a pit where a whole pig is placed, wrapped in banana leaves and slow cooked for eight hours. This method produces Kalua pig, if you get a chance to try authentic Kalua pig, take it!

The luau feast is open air dining, luckily it’s under an awning because as we enjoyed all you can drink cocktails and food, the rain came pouring down. Locally, the Smith family is known for their luau food and have plenty for folks who like traditional Hawaiian food and for those who prefer American style food. Besides the Kalua pork there was tender beef teriyaki, savory chicken adobo, sweet and sour mahimahi, lomi salmon, fresh poi, Hawaiian sweet potato and deserts. There was so much food, we had to try it all; we were stuffed when it came time for the show!

In an open air, torch lit amphitheater, the show celebrates every culture that has made Hawaii what it is. Called the Golden People of Hawaii, colorful, authentic performances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Philippines, New Zealand, China and Japan charmed our hearts as the cool trade winds blew scents from fragrant flowers in the evening air.

After the Samoan fire knife dance, the show culminated with the live band playing a song about the Golden People of Hawaii as the entire cast danced together. All luaus are different and we really appreciated the persity of this one as mom and dad fell in love even more with this beautiful island and each other!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 16, 2010