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Halloween in Hawaii: Maui

Halloween is a popular time to celebrate in Hawaii but it prompts a lot of questions. In this post, Jake Smookler answers some of the questions he has received about Maui. Let us know how you will be celebrating Halloween in Hawaii!

“Are there still Halloween Celebrations on Maui?” “Does the Maui County Police Department still shut down Front Street?” “What is there to do on Maui for Halloween that is kid friendly and doesn’t involve heavy drinking?”

My answers for these basic questions are: Yes Maui still celebrates Halloween. No Maui County stopped the closing of Front Street. Yes there are tons of stuff to do that are kid friendly.

Yes we still celebrate Halloween and get heavily involved in the fun-filled events Halloween presents. I know Maui County is no longer closing off Front Street, but you can still enjoy the festivities that are around! DJ booths can be seen in the clubs, there is plenty of candy to go around, tons of Mardi Gras style bead leis too!

Just because Maui County doesn’t close off Front Street, don’t just automatically assume that the population of Maui doesn’t celebrate. The fact of the matter is Maui County doesn’t have enough resources to close down Front Street due to the economy and budget crisis. Who know, maybe the economy will remain steady and the County of Maui can close the road again. Until then you can still celebrate like the rest of us do. We do and in good Aloha Spirit also.

Children friendly events can be seen at the major Shopping malls around Maui County. The Lahaina Cannery Mall, Queen Ka’ahumanu Centre, Maui Mall, Pi’ilani Shopping Village, and the Shops at Wailea host child costume contests, Spooky Haunted Houses, Child Friendly Ghost Story times, and even costume parades! Retail center events managers care for the children too and not just the adults! I can say that for a fact! So many children enjoy the festivities the retail centers make available for them.

Night clubs for the adults have costume contests, Halloween themed drinks, Halloween themed menus, and they even mess up their establishments with body parts, etc. and go all out to keep you entertained and in the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween in Hawaii in general kids, teens, adults, and even the elderly love to get dressed up and heavily involved in the spirit of the day. I have seen some very wickedly cool costumes that kids and teens make. Also the adults get creative in their costumes for some of them or professional costume designers for theatre companies here on Maui.

Random Maui Fact: Halloween week is among the MOST booked week besides the usual winter get away. In this post I will include recipes for stage blood, stage scabs, stage wounds, and even a great food/drink recipe, along with general safety tips.

Basic Stage Blood

(Can Be Eaten/Used in Mouth):

1 Cup Corn Syrup
1/4 teaspoon cocoa powder
4-5 drops red food dye
Combine all food items in a jar. Mix until well blended.

-You can even use this stuff in bar drinks and other recipes too!

Stage Scabs and Wounds

(Do Not Use in Mouth or eat this stuff):

Basic Stage Blood Recipe
1/8 cup cranberry skins
1/8 cup petroleum jelly

Use the basic blood recipe and then mix in the petroleum jelly and cranberry skins until it becomes very thick in texture. Shape into scary scabs and wounds and scare the living day lights out of people MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Blood Punch (Kid Friendly)

8-10 Envelopes of red kool aid or other red drink powders
1-2 cups Basic Stage Blood
2 1.5 liter bottles of Lemon/Citrus Soda (Sprite/7-Up/Sierra Mist)
Frozen Red Jello Squares
Regular Ice (Enough to chill the drink)

-Adult Parties Add your favorite Vodka
1.5 Bottles Of Smirnoff, SKYY, or any other brand

In a punch bowl, combine drink powder with the soda then slowly lightly mix the powder soda mix until dissolved. Add the stage blood, Ice, and frozen Jello squares and enjoy!

General Safety Tips

Pre Night Time check list

-Flashlights (1 per family member)

-Glow Sticks

-reflector strips

-goody candy bags/buckets

General Night time Tips:

-Go with a large group of people

-Have a cell phone with you

-Check your surroundings

-Have fun!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 1, 2010