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Fun Hawaii food: dragon fruit!

Hawaii is a treasure trove of fresh, exotic foods, some unlike any you’ve ever seen! It helps to have a local introduction and advice.

When I go on vacation, I like to save money by making some of our meals. So, I thought I’d share this jewel of a store with you. Papaya’s Natural Foods and Cafe in Kapaa is a fantastic store nestled in the Kauai Village shopping center.

What makes me really happy is the excellent produce department. Papaya’s has the cheapest organic produce prices on island because they source fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from over 50 local farmers on the Garden Isle. What’s exciting to me is the large selection of exotic fruits. One of the most refreshing things to do on a steamy tropical day is to eat a juicy exotic fruit!

Right now you can find exotics like the sweet and tangy mangosteen, mildly sweet starfruit, sweet and soft cherimoya and creamy mabolo; it tastes like fruit cream cheese. My favorite is the dragon fruit; juicy, mildly sweet and it comes in it’s own bowl! The staff in the produce department are very friendly and knowledgeable; providing informative answers and eager to share samples, I know because my husband is the produce manager!

Papaya’s carries a full line of health and beauty products in case you need some skin nourishing lotion after a day in the sun or you forgot your deodorant at home, doh! They have aisles of grocery items and 300 bulk items including grains, beans, teas and dried herbs. With their ample refrigerated and frozen foods section, meat and dairy lovers will be satisfied. Kauai ground beef, organic eggs and hormone free milk are always in stock.

The cafe serves up fresh and tasty tropical smoothies, salads, soups, fish tacos and more. You can enjoy lunch in the courtyard by a charming little stream and waterfall.

Saturday, October 2nd, Papaya’s is celebrating their customers. Locals and tourists are welcome to a free plate lunch, food tastings, a tea ceremony, product samples, demonstrations, presentations, lectures, Hawaiian games and crafts, complimentary arm and hand massages and a free blood pressure reading all while live bands play in the courtyard! Festivities start at 10am and go until 4pm, so if you’re in town come and check out some community fun!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 28, 2010