One Island, Two Days, and a Few Shopping Lessons to Share

A quick trip to Maui leads to finding new shops and revisiting others.

My two day, one night trip to the west coast was a whirlwind, and rather limited on shopping time, so I was determined to make the best of the little time I had available to me. I literally ran the streets of this extremely bustling island, in and out of shops. In the same vein, let’s run it down:


: Market Street shopping area was still asleep when I got there except for the coffee shop. After 10, my highlight was browsing through Brown-Kobayashi Asian antique store. More like a museum especially since the salesperson gave a descriptive history of every object I paused in front of. I walked out of there enthralled. Need something to eat? I was referred the local Da Kitchen. (GPS this for location – it’s next to the Krispy Kreme – but check it twice if you can’t find it. I found that my iPhone4 was much more accurate than a friend’s first generation iPhone map app) What more can I say than I ate there twice in two days. It’s that good. Advice: BYOB and the fish and chips basket.


: I got the feeling that things change quickly here, and the shopping area seemed different than a year ago. There were lots of jewelry and art stores, plus the expected souvenir type shops. It’s a little overwhelming in such a tight space. My advice would be that if you see a treasure’ in a shop, just buy it! Don’t think you’ll go back because the shops seem to run together. I did enjoy Karina’s Boutique which offered a different twist on fashion/accessories. And some of the better jewelry stores have lovely Hawaiian style jewelry (in shell and pearl) that would wear just as well back on the mainland.

More on food: If you are staying for a while and need to grocery shop, I’m sure someone is going to steer you towards Whole Foods in the Maui Mall. But I want to suggest that you start at Ah Fook’s Super Market, only one block mauka (toward the mountains), and then fill in with WF. This local quaint shop has great looking Maui beef, beautiful fresh Portuguese sausage links, colorful bags of pre- cut stir fry vegetables, fresh saimen noodles, and wonderful-looking blocks of tofu. And the day I was there, Tuesday, there was a farmer’s market going on in the lot behind it.

I also love the Lahaina Farms Grocery in the Lahaina Gateway Plaza (north of Lahaina). They contract to sell local, the prices were good, and it’s a good-looking store. In there, you will also find local goodies to buy to take back as gifts. Take your time and browse. It’s as much fun as downtown Lahaina. Then look west again and watch the sun go down.

If you have more time to spend in Maui, there are other great Maui attractions to visit.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher