Waikiki Beach has hosted two major gatherings of TV fans recently for the premiere of Hawaii Five-O and the finale of LOST. Both groups were a mix of Hawaii residents and visitors. Although the shows are very different, the local favorites were the same.

Fans who stuck with LOST to the final episode are devoted to detail. The ones at the Sunset on the Beach showing could cite the season and episode that certain actors had appeared in. As the stars of the show appeared on the red carpet, fans shouted their name and asked for autographs.

In contrast, the fans on Waikiki Beach for Monday’s Hawaii Five-O premiere are fans of the original series – they haven’t seen the new one yet. Some may have just wanted to see if it treats Hawaii well, others are fans of the main actors. While most of those along the red carpet cheered Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett), Scott Caan (Danno Williams) and Grace Park (Kona Kalakaua), fewer recognized Taryn Manning, who plays McGarrett’s younger sister. Manning co-starred in the 2005 movie “Hustle & Flow”, had a continuing role on FX “Sons of Anarchy” and the new production “Heaven’s Rain.” She has more of a presence on Twitter than the rest of the cast put together and brings a young, edgy vibe. She’ll be fun to watch.

Hands down, the local favorite is Daniel Dae Kim, who walked the red carpet on the sand for both events. Coming from LOST to Hawaii Five-O, Kim brought along a lot of local knowledge. When introduced on stage, Hawaii Five-O Executive Producer Peter Lenkov called him the “unofficial Mayor of Honolulu.” The next biggest reception was for an actor who doesn’t appear in the new series. Jorge Garcia played “Hurley” on LOST. He arrived before the official red carpet appearances of the actors but as he entered through the VIP area, fans called out “HURLEY!” repeatedly. While he had been very gracious at the LOST showing, greeting fans, shaking hands and signing autographs, this time he smiled, waived and kept walking. As approachable as he is in person, my guess is that he did not wish to intrude on the moment. His role Monday night was as a viewer.


  1. Cheers for Hawaii Five-O!  Glad for the overwhelming positive response.  I met Daniel Day Kim at the Makana Luau show, and he is sincerely a nice guy, not to mention very handsome indeed.  Go Five-O!

  2. Sounds like the premier was a lot of fun! They were just out here on North Shore filming at Waimea Bay a couple days ago!  I am excited to watch the new Hawaii Five-0.

  3. I saw the original 5-O when I was kid and will give this one a try especially since Kim in it.    Hopefully there will be an episode where cop from LA, who arrives aboard Akira Flight 316, named James Ford who is chasing a woman named Kate wanted for murder to the Islands and needs Five-O's help in capturing her.   Or an episode where a guy named Dr. Benjamin Linus shows up and is caught steal a mysterious  artifact from a Honolulu Museum and when he sees Kim he says "I though you were dead" and then Kim says "Yeah, I get that alot, now put your hands on your head and shut up".  Or just an episode where the LOST numbers appear throughout an episode the way 1 Fringe episode did last season. 
    They could do the same thing with O'Loughlin (a Halloween episode with vampire theme) and Park (investigating a crime at a robotics lab).

  4. Aloha and Best wishes to the new cast and crew of the new Hawaii Five-O.  Who would have believed watching it on a black and white tv in Baltimore, MD growing up that I would live in Hawaii when the new high tech Hawaii Five -O would be live on the internet!!! Cheers….

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