These are the last of my favorite things… but certainly not the least.

Last week I was going over a few of the local items that I’ve discovered since moving to Hawaii – things I found that I can’t seem to do without, or at least can’t seem to stop raving about. Now I’ll finish up with the last three items in the picture, plus a bonus.

My plastic Starbucks cold drink cup with reusable straw.

Now these wonderfully portable cups are not only green’, but I was told were one of Starbucks most popular items that they put out for retail in their shops. They are sold out in the stores and their website. They are actually going on Ebay for twice the retail price ($12.95) of the smaller one. You say, but that’s not Hawaiian.. and I say, look again at the picture. The ones sold in Hawaii are special. It says Aloha from Hawaii’ on it and has a hibiscus topper on it. And when I checked last week, the Starbucks in Kailua still had a good supply of them. There may be knockoffs out now that are available, but I love my Aloha cup.

Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

It’s red from the iron oxide in the earth here. And it’s wonderful. What a nice subtle flavor. The grains are large, so I use them more as a garnish than an ingredient. This salt is so popular it’s sold everywhere (about $4) for a good size bag. It’s one of my favorite things to send home for a present.

Ocean Eau de parfum by Hawaii

I found this on Maui in an open air market place in Kula. But it’s carried in upscale local décor type shops, etc. This scent is so nice. Light, layers well with others, and seems much richer than the <$30 it sells for. The line has 3 other scents, all heavier than this one, so for everyday, it was an easy choice. And the company has a bottle refill program for when you need more! I say that's pretty nice.

And Lastly the Bonus Buy!

Who doesn’t love Hershey’s Kisses candy? Well, Hawaii is the only place you can buy these made with macadamia nuts. And oh my, these are good. The bright blue package ($5) can be found in Wal Mart, Costco, and drug stores. I see tourists buying these all the time, and I even used them as favors for my daughter’s wedding in NC, importing quite a few bags myself for the event. And they were a hit!

The first four items in the picture are here: These are a few of my favorite things…


  1. I agree, the Hershey’s with the macadamia nuts are the best! I’m going to look out for that scent you recommended. It sounds wonderful.

    Thank you!

  2. The Hawaiiian Alaea Sea Salt (we call it red salt) brings back fond memories of my grandma. She would eat raw onion and red salt for pupu’s all the time. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

  3. OMG Kalei you too, as soon as I read this that's what I thought of, Red Salt and Onions my 'ama used to make.  Plus, you'd have to find a mom and pop store for this or a local contact, but my grams always got us stashes of the Alae, the red rock powder, it has great medicinal uses. 

  4. Hey  Paul!  next time you fly into/out of Maui, check out the store at the airport with all the Hawaiian goodies in it.  They carry Mac Nut Kisses.  But so do any Longs, and even Costco.

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