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Hawaii Shopping: These are a few of my favorite things…

My off-key, stand the test of time, always reach for Island Favs. (Seven of them so far and counting – four of them here and three to come)

I’m from a relatively small town with small time shopping. I’ve been to big cities and have shopped them, but what I was most surprised to learn most about Honolulu is that it’s such an international shopping area. Besides all the Hawaiiana, I’ve been exploring shops that offer products from other Pacific rim countries. But let’s start right here in my own backyard with home grown products – stuff I can pick up very easily. And stuff that it seems my guests and family have also taken to once they’ve seen them.

In no particular order except the first one – which is actually my favorite.

#1 Beachcomber Budd’s Pure Coconut Oil

Found in most drug or ABC stores on the sunscreen aisle or display. I gave up most lotions a while ago, due to so many additives. I love this essential oil after a shower or beach to restore moisture to skin that’s been in the sun. And I love ! the fragrance. People always tell me I smell just plain “good” when I’ve just lathered up with this. This oil hardens in a cooled room so if you take this home with you, maybe store it outside on the porch out of the light. Made in Hawaii ($4.99)

#2 Nylon wash towel

. I discovered this in Japan, when it was provided in the bathroom instead of a washcloth. If you haven’t already discovered these amazing things, pick one up at a grocery or drug store here. It’ll clean anything off you, make your shower into a bubble bath, and when rubbed across your back is just like a back scratch. You might even groan Made in Japan ($2.99)

#3 Na Hoku pearl cuff.

(more on this store in a later post) – this is a WOW and never fails to bring compliments. Comfortable. Slightly adjustable. Just plain classy and everyday wearable. And from one of Hawaii’s best known and oldest jewelry stores. ($189)

#4 Shopping bag

How fun to take this little gem to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Or just out as a day bag. Going green with reusable shopping bags is big now, and taking any of the Hawaii-themed bags back with you should brighten your day once you return home. And again you can say “I got it in Hawaii” Found everywhere. ($3- 5)

The last three (plus a secret surprise) are here: Shopping in Hawaii: a few more favorites.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 4, 2010