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A day off from vacation in Hawaii

Is it possible to have too much fun on your Hawaii vacation? One way to know is to leave a day off on your schedule.

Most of us slow down a little on vacation, and Hawaii already moves at a slower pace than many places on the mainland. One of the joys of vacationing (or living) in Hawaii is adjusting to that time change — in addition to the change in time zones.

On a recent visit by friends from the mainland, their first idea was to do one activity each morning and one each afternoon. I suggested they plan for one item each day instead. Some activities take more time or energy than it looks like on paper and all activities are more enjoyable if you aren’t worried about wrapping them up to get to the next item on the agenda.

Some things can double up. It depends on the travelers as much as the attraction. For example, we had visitors who went on a Pearl Harbor tour from 6 am – 3 pm and then did a sunset dinner cruise. Those activities went together well for them because they were fairly passive (not hiking or snorkeling) and the pace allowed for an afternoon nap as well as a relatively early bedtime. However, having an early morning call and a full day of touring was plenty for other recent guests, who wanted to do nothing but rest after Pearl Harbor.

Leaving a day free in your schedule allows the freedom to stay in bed or on the beach to recover, if you’d like. Or you can easily add a new visit or activity you hadn’t thought of before arriving here. It also allows you to re-visit places you saw only in passing for a longer look.

As exciting as everything looks when planning for a Hawaii vacation, remember it will all be more fun if you’re rested and relaxed.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 20, 2010