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Radio Hawaii

Surfing the electronic waves in Kauai

Last week I found myself in the pleasant, air conditioned studio of Kauai Community Radio. KKCR, a nonprofit radio station, provides listeners with intimate sounds of Hawaii and, connects local businesses to the community. I was on to talk about an organic farming course I took along with my teacher and two other graduates.

KKCR “supports the preservation, perpetuation and celebration of the Hawaiian culture.” Tuning in, you are likely to hear Hawaiian music which includes a talk story series. Walaau or “talk story” translates into reminiscing or communicating; this series gives Hawaiian musicians a platform to share their stories and songs. Local authors, news, politics and politicians are discussed and, you can hear our mayor play the ukulele! Cultural topics such as the significance of historic towns, Hawaiian history, hula, spirituality, language, medicine and surfing are also covered daily. The website has a calendar listing community events, arts and entertainment.

Kauai provides vast options for pleasure: visits to old Hawaiian villages and ancient ruins of Hawaiian alii (royalty), botanical gardens, horseback riding, Hawaiian luau, farm tours (including coffee and chocolate plantations) and whale watching are just a few. Visiting Hawaii can be like visiting another country; the rich culture, tongue-twisting language and exotic beauty mingle with the many activities and can throw you into a heady whirlwind of sensory stimulation!

Familiarizing yourself with the island means you can get the most from your trip and listening to this station is an easy way to do that. While you won’t hear advertisements for places to shop or pe, you will get a feel for the language, music and culture. If you have been here before and long for your next visit, listening is a good way to stay connected. Kauai Community Radio can be heard on the internet at KKCR.org..

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 19, 2010