Weather comments this week sound like the three bears: some places are way too hot, some are too cold, but Hawaii is just right.

It is winter in the southern hemisphere and a Hawaii vacation is a warm escape. I visited with a couple from Perth, Australia this week who are very happy to be away from the rain and “cold”. This week’s forecast temperature range of 46 – 64 degrees is still mild compared with snowy mainland winters. However, they were basking in the warm sun of Waikiki.

My mother left 108-degree temperatures in Kansas when she came to Hawaii. Even the heat of the afternoon here is nothing compared with that! I see that she returned to a much cooler 98 degrees this week. At least nights are cooler there. My daughters live in Texas, and are suffering through highs above 100 during the day and night time lows of 80 with significant humidity.

The temperatures in Hawaii don’t change much, from day to night or from season to season. The highs are right around 85 during the day and overnight lows are around 75. It is not unusual to see a forecast for an entire week with the same highs each day and the same lows each night.

It is more humid in Hawaii than many other states. The average daytime humidity is around 70 percent, and it is about the same at night. I have spent summers in Texas, Atlanta and New Orleans, so Hawaii’s weather does not seem humid to me but it was noticeable for recent visitors from Kansas.

Overall, the weather is predictably consistent. The main variable is the amount of rain, which does vary by location and season. Hawaii is the only place I have lived comfortably with neither air conditioning nor heating – my apartment does not have a thermostat!


  1. I know what you mean. For me people ask me all the time what’s the temp right now, and I’m always like, “uhhhh I guess around 85 or so, not sure really but somewhere close to there.” Then its the followup, “why don’t you know?” “Because its always consistently in the mid 80’s if it were hotter I’d know and if it were colder I’d know. But, were pretty set here most times.” I love our weather, always swim-ready especially when it’s raining.

  2. I just moved to northern idaho after 14 years living in Hawaii, mostly Hilo and Puna.

    I had pretty much forgotten what mainland weather was like, and when I got here I was surprised.

    Leaving winter out of this discussion, I just want to talk about warm weather 🙂 –

    Hawaii is all around pleasant and pretty consistent, and always bearable.

    On the mainland, when it starts to get hot, it can get pretty uncomfrotable pretty quick – and it’s just not like that in Hawaii.

    Another wonderful thing about Hawaii is the nights cool down quickly, especially on the windward sides. That doesn’t happen here.

    One thing that I MUCH prefer about here though is the lack of humidity. 85 here is SOOO much more comfortable outside than 85 in Hawaii. I almost never went outside in Hawaii unless we were going to the beach. We spend all day every day in the spring and summer outside here.

    … but soon the cold will come 🙂 I’ll admit, I was missing Hawaii weather in Febraury.

  3. The weather really is perfect here. It is warm, but the trade winds are almost always keeping it cool enough to be comfortable. Even when it rains, it is still beautiful!

  4. We will be in Hawaii 12/2 – 12/10/2010 & we were wondering what the weather & temperatures will be like?

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