Wonderful Waterfalls on Kaua‘i

Kauais world class waterfalls range from 15 to 2300 feet.

I am fortunate because there is a view of Mount Waialeale (wy-ah-lay-ah-lay) from my window. Sometimes obscured by clouds or lending a beautiful backdrop to a rainbow or two; after heavy rains I can usually see 3 silvery falls from the weeping wall. The 5,148 foot Mount Wai`ale`ale forms the rim of an ancient volcanic caldera and at 60 square miles it is the largest in the Pacific, boasting an average of 450 inches of rain a year. The weeping wall is truly a waterfall fantasy. The entire bowl is covered with waterfalls, there has to be more than 100; various lengths, widths and force dropping hundreds of feet. For a special treat google it and watch the videos, it’s nothing short of magical.

Visitors to the island can see Kauai’s waterfalls by ATV, hiking, kayaking, on horse back or from the air on one of the helicopter tours. A helicopter tour is the only way to see the entire weeping wall, and would be well worth the investment.

Some falls have become immortalized in film. Manawaiopuna waterfall, which appeared in the film Jurassic Park, can only be seen from the air as it is on privately owned land. Wailua falls, a dramatic 80-foot waterfall was in the opening of Fantasy Island. It is easily accessible by car and has a developed viewpoint.

Last Friday I hiked with some friends to a waterfall on private land; a very special treat. My dogs and I had fun swimming in the basin, through the falls, and into a hollow behind the falls. I do not recommend standing under the falls. A small fish or rock can come tumbling down with a lot of force; landing on your head and causing a concussion. If you decide to get a close look at the falls and maybe go for a swim, be careful! The rocks are slippery and you can easily hurt yourself. Wear aggressive tread sandals, old tennis shoes, or water socks with tread. Pack bug spray, plenty of water, sunscreen and something to snack on. Please respect the surrounding neighborhoods and don’t forget to bring your camera!.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher