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Pirate fans in Hawaii

The sea around Hawaii’s most famous pirate ship was filled with small boats angling for a closer view, and many more people lined the shore this weekend.

Sunday was overcast and rainy for most of the day, not ideal conditions for being on the water, but a swarm of small boats braved the elements for an up close view of Queen Anne’s Revenge, the pirate ship in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We sailed into the Heeia marina for fuel (even sail boats have small motors and ours was thirsty). The weekend had brought all manner of watercraft to this corner of Kaneohe Bay. We saw sailboats large and small, pontoon boats and other motor boats, even kayakers paddling up to the enormous pirate ship. One enterprising boat owner was offering to take those standing on the dock for a close-up photo for ten dollars a person. He got a few takers, but most were holding out for something else.

As our boat fueled, I chatted with a family huddled under the building roof overhang for protection from the rain. They wanted to know two things: how close could we get to the ship and, more importantly, did we see any of the stars? Although there was a small boat from the Department of Land and Natural Resources stationed in front of the pirate ship (facing the bay), there were few other restrictions on how close we could approach. But, alas, the human stars of the movie did not seem to be aboard. I shared a photo of the ship with the family but what they really wanted was to see Johnny Depp or Penelope Cruz.

We heard that the movie was shooting at night this weekend. I don’t know if that is true, but the light of the large crane near the ship was on when we sailed into the bay Saturday evening.

Although the sea, dock and parking lot were very full, people took turns taking photos and moving out of the way for one another and everyone was jovial. They just wished for less rain and more movie stars to make the weekend complete.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 2, 2010