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Oahu on the Run: 12 Hours in Hawaii

What if you had just 12 hours to spend in Hawaii? Would you head for the nearest beach or try to cram in as much scenery as possible? “Oahu on the Run” is prompted by a question from a traveler to Bruce Fisher, owner of Hawaii Aloha Travel. The visitor has a day-long lay-over on Oahu and wanted ideas.

First, some cautions apply to all the trips.

* Although Oahu is a fairly small island, you cannot drive completely around it. One corner is closed to vehicular traffic as a nature preserve.

* Traffic is more of an issue on weekends or holidays. If you are travelling during the week, you may be able to see more attractions. If your stop is on a day with heavy traffic, you may want to limit the driving and spend time at a few spots.

* Leave your baggage at the airport consignment area – there is no reason to haul it around and you risk the possibility of theft from the rental car.

Bruce Fisher’s Oahu tour begins at the Honolulu airport and heads east through Waikiki to Diamond Head. He advises stopping at a midpoint overlook then heading for Hanauma Bay. As you proceed along the east coast of Oahu, you’ll pass the Blow Hole and Sandy Beach. Makapu’u Lighthouse marks the corner of the island. You will pass Waimanalo, Kailua and then take the Kamehameha Highway to the North Shore, perhaps stopping for lunch at one of the shrimp trucks in Kahuku. North shore beaches like Sunset and Banzai are famous for surfing but the waves are subdued in summer. When you reach the town of Haleiwa, head inland. The Dole Pineapple Plantation is a popular stop. From there, you will pass Pearl Harbor on the way back to the airport. On such a brief stop, there is not time to tour Pearl Harbor and see the rest of the island.

This circle island tour is do-able in 12 hours, with time to stop at a couple of places. However, you may want to focus on one area of the island. We’ll discuss other options in future posts.

If you have traveled with Hawaii Aloha Travel and want to share your Hawaii experience here, contact Bruce. We hope to feature guest blog posts from Hawaii visitors on Saturdays.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 3, 2010