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The quest for the best Loco Moco in Hawaii begins

If you have been following our blog or listening to our podcasts you’ve heard us talk about a favorite Hawaii dish called Loco Moco. It’s on the breakfast menus all over the islands and comes in many different forms with the same basic ingredients. A typical recipe calls for hamburger, grated onions, beef broth, Worcestershire Sauce, egg and white rice. Restaurants here take pride in how they prepare this dish all claiming to have the “best.”

The dish was originally created by the folks who owned the Lincoln Grill in Hilo back in 1949. Some boys from a local sports club who didn’t have a lot of spending money asked the owners to put some rice in a Saimin Bowl with a hamburger patty with brown gravy poured over the whole thing. The dish got popular, remained on the menu, and the rest is history.

Starting this weekend the quest for finding the best Loco Moco will begin and if you’re in town this weekend, you can attend the kickoff of the “Loco Moco Smackdown” event at the Cheeseburger Restaurant at the Waikiki Beach Walk. The fun begins this Saturday, June 19 at 11 AM. The kickoff contest will consist of celebrity judges who will challenge each other to a Loco Moco eating competition, blindfold and whoever finishes first wins the contest.

The competition will be running from June 19 to July 20 with various restaurants participating by offering their own versions of this favorite Hawaiian staple so if you can’t make it to the kickoff contest you’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy some good Loco Moco while your on your Hawaii Vacation.

The participating restaurants are:

  • Ocean House
  • Cheeseburger Restaurant Waikiki
  • Jimmy Buffett’s
  • Giovanni Pastrami
  • Keoni’s by Keo
  • Hula Grill

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 14, 2010