Hawaiian Airlines Top Spot for Customer Satisfaction

Hawaiian Airlines once again has claimed the top spot for on-time performance and customer satisfaction from a national survey that ranks airlines. The survey, called the airline quality report, says that Hawaiian Airlines was the top performer among the nations 18 largest carriers in 2009. This is the second year in a row for the airline in this survey.

The survey gave Hawaiian Airlines a overall score of 92.1% for performance and rated the carrier second-best for both denied boarding performance and mishandled baggage. Additionally, there were less complaints about Hawaiian Airlines than other airlines as compared to the industry average with a rate of 0.74 as compared to 0.97 which is the average for the industry.

According to the survey, for the second consecutive year, the performance of the nation’s leading carriers improved. It was the third best overall score in the 19 years researchers have tracked the performance of airlines.The national Airline Quality Rating is the premier statistical study of major airline performance in the United States.

The AQR is conducted jointly by Dr. Dean Headley, professor at Wichita State University and Dr. Brent Bowen, professor at Purdue University.

Below is the 2010 numerical ranking of the nation’s leading 18 airlines, according to the Airline Quality Rating, with the 2009 ranking in parentheses:

1. Hawaiian (1)
2. AirTran (2)
3. JetBlue (3
4. Northwest (4)
5. Southwest (6
6. Continental (8)
7. Frontier (7)
8. US Airways (10)
9. American (9)
10. ExpressJet (not ranked in 2009 report)
11. Alaska (5)
12. Mesa (14)
13. United (11)
14. SkyWest (13)
15. Delta (12)
16. Comair (15)
17. Atlantic Southeast (17)
18. American Eagle (16)

Posted by: Bruce Fisher