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Enjoy Hawaii Spinner Dolphins in May

Hawaii’s spinner dolphins are some of the most amazing creatures in the sea. They get their name from their behavior above the water. They can rise and spin up to seven complete times before ping back into the ocean. In Hawaii there are also spotted dolphins which can move gracefully into the air even higher than the spinner dolphin. If you’re on a Hawaii vacation you may want to consider a tour that will let you get close to these fascinating mammals.

The spinner dolphins accomplish this feat from powerful acceleration under water with the use of their tails with tremendous force. The Dolphins build up enough speed to break the surface and perform a series of spins with each one taking up less energy than the one before. This is an amazing sight to see and the aftermath of the spin is almost as good as the spin itself because the Dolphins land either bellyflop or back flop, splash into the water and create an amazing site of dense bubbles which can be seen from the surface.

There are many theories as to why the spinner dolphins perform this act. Many observers believe that it is a display of emotion to whatever action or stimulus occurred before the spin. Many think it can be a sign of happiness or a way for the Dolphins to get attention. There is also a theory that this is part of a courtship ritual to attract members of the opposite sex.

If you’re coming to Hawaii in May it may be the perfect time for you to catch spinner dolphins in action. From the 2nd to the 8th the annual Dolphin convoacation occurs. Sponsored by the wild dolphin foundation of all who, this is an opportunity to see large groups of spinner dolphins gathering in Hawaiian waters. This is an amazing sight to see and you can get tours with professionals who not only have a passion for these creatures but can provide you with an educational experience of a lifetime.

For more information contact the Pacific dolphin foundation https://wilddolphin.org

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 12, 2010