Learn about Hawaiian Cuisine from Hawaii’s Top Chefs

“What Chefs Eat” is a new iPhone app showcasing Hawaii’s unique dishes and restaurants, as chosen by the chefs that know our food best.

“When a search for sushi gives you 50+ results, making a choice becomes a chore,” said Eric Nakagawa, who co-founded the app with fellow food and tech enthusiast Melanie Kosaka after brainstorming with Oahu master sommelier Chuck Furuya. “I’d rather have a few options from folks I trust.”

Featured on the newly introduced app are Oahu’s culinary wizards and foodies in the know, such as Furuya, Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong, George Mavrothalassitis of Chef Mavro, D.K. Kodama of dk Steakhouse and Sansei, Ed Kenney of Town and Downtown, and Jon Matsubara of Azure to name a few. Dean Okimoto, head of Nalo Farms and president of the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation, weighs in with his recommendations as well, and more chefs, farmers and foodies will be added as the app evolves.

But the real star on this application is Hawaii’s food. From fine dining experiences to comfort food to local hole-in-the-walls, the choices are endless, making “What Chefs Eat” the perfect app for the hungry and indecisive.

Each chef lists their favorite dish at restaurants they frequent often, while brief explanations give a quick overview of the dishes and help you determine if you’d like them or not. Items range from best sushi to best hot dog with almost everything in between. “What Chefs Eat” also conveniently lists the phone number, address, directions, and basic information about each restaurant, making it easy to set up reservations with the touch of a button.

Be sure to download “What Chefs Eat” and find out what’s cookin’ on Oahu!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher