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Kilauea Eruption Status

Following a three-day pause in surface flow activity due to diminished lava supply during summit deflation, breakouts resumed on March 12 as the summit reinflated and lava supply increased. These breakouts continue at the time of writing (March 18) and are situated well above the pali, about 1.6 km (1 mile) above Royal Gardens subpision, with no current activity on the coastal plain or in the National Park.

At Kilauea’s summit, a spattering and roiling lava surface deep within the collapse pit inset within the floor of Halema`uma`u Crater was occasionally visible via Webcam during the past week. The lava surface rose significantly in response to the inflation phase of last week’s deflation-inflation (DI) event, but is still deep within the vent cavity. Volcanic gas emissions remain elevated, resulting in high concentrations of sulfur dioxide downwind.

One earthquake beneath Hawaii Island was reported felt during the past week. A magnitude-2.5 earthquake occurred at 1:41 p.m. on Tuesday, March 16, 2010, H.s.t., and was located 5 km (3 miles) northeast of Makawao, Maui, at a depth of 21 km (19 miles).

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Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 29, 2010