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Gambling Bills Die in Hawaii for 2010

Hawaii has decided once again not to allow gambling in the islands. This comes as great news to those who have opposed it for many years and were worried that this legislative session would advance a bill that would allow some form of gambling. There were over 17 gambling based initiatives this year and one bill in particular that would’ve allowed for a casino moved through the Legislature farther than expected. Public testimony on the various gambling measures was overwhelmingly negative. This is been the case almost every year for the last 10 years. However, with the lagging economy and the education deficits legislators seem to be actually more willing to advance them.

Proponents for gambling in Hawaii believe it’s been a long time coming. Year after year these gaming bills get introduced and sometimes even get national media attention. This year the attention was much greater than in past years and as a result, proponents felt like this might be their year. The Legislature took a closer look because they had to consider many tax increases and fee increases to generate income.

So it would appear that Hawaii will remain free of legalized gambling. As members of the local visitor industry, we at Hawaii Aloha Travel believe that’s a good thing. One of the great things about Hawaii is that it’s largely a family destination. That means there’s a lot of things to do here without having gambling as part of your vacation mix. You can come to Hawaii and not have to worry about losing your shirt in a casino. It’s also no secret that a Hawaii vacation can be costly, so gambling is another expense you won’t have to worry about while you’re here.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 23, 2010