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Presidential Library May Be Headed to Hawaii

Ever since Barack Obama became the president his trips to Hawaii have made national news. There are tours that take you to his birthplace and to the schools he attended when he was a child. A whole cottage industry has emerged around the presidents childhood and his life here in the islands. When he has vacation time he always comes home to Hawaii and it all gets a lot of attention.

It probably comes as no surprise that Hawaii would like to see Pres. Obama’s legacy enshrined here in Hawaii with his presidential library. The idea of his library in Hawaii makes a lot of sense; he has a special affinity for this wonderful place and considers it his home since he was born here on Oahu. Hawaii has many historical places including Pearl Harbor and the Punchbowl of the Pacific therefore, a presidential library seems to make perfect sense.

The Hawaii House tourism, cultural and international affairs committee has begun hearing a resolution which will formally ask that the president bring the presidential library to the islands. The resolution was introduced by 47 of the houses 51 members pided along party lines with a few Republicans voting for the proposal and says “it’s a matter of great state pride” since Obama was born and raised in Hawaii. The resolution goes on to say that it will give the people of Hawaii access to documents and artifacts of the Obama administration. If passed will be sent to the president and Hawaii’s delegation.

Having the presidential library in Hawaii certainly would be great for tourism and would offer another wonderful attraction which will probably quickly be very popular. If it’s the Obama’s decide to move to Hawaii after the presidency is probably more likelihood that this resolution will actually become a reality.

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Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 22, 2010