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Signs of Spring in Hawaii

As clocks change this weekend, many parts of the globe look for signs of spring — some anxious for a relief from winter, others dreading the advent of hot summers. My family in Texas holds on to the cool weather for as long as possible, while the Kansas kin have had quite enough of snow by now. In Hawaii the clocks never change, birds never leave and trees are always lushly green, but there are more subtle signs of a seasonal change.

Daylight is coming a little earlier in the mornings and lasting a little longer in the evenings. It is still fairly rainy but that will become less frequent soon. The winds have been blustery lately, but they settle into a more predictable pattern for summer that is conducive for sailing. Most recreational sailing activities take a winter break. Boat owners do maintenance, taking turns hauling their boats out of the water for a few weeks. A spring sail is planned for this weekend to start off the weekly races that will continue until fall.

The first time I ever visited Hawaii was in late March. Coming from the mainland, I didn’t notice any of the signs of spring just mentioned. It was so sunny and warm compared with what I had left that I thought there was the same postcard weather all year. I remember being happy that the water wasn’t too cold to play in. Now I would probably say that it is, but only because I can wait for perfect days to walk to the beach instead of watching the return plane flight creep up on me.

I enjoy having the perspective of a year-round resident. I also remember my visits as a tourist. From both points of view, there are no bad days in Hawaii.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 12, 2010