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Best Beaches on Maui

Ok a ton of questions I get daily are, “Where are the BEST beaches here on Maui and have life guards?” I answer mostly Kamaole Beach Parks 1-3, Ka’anapali Beach, Black Rock, Kanaha Beach Park, Baldwin Beach Park, Ho’okipa Beach Park, and Makena State Park Beach. These beaches are beautiful and you can see a ton of interesting sea creatures. I like the Kam Beach Parks because they already have grills, nice beach layouts, and perfect conditions for the keiki (kay key meaning children). I try and avoid the beach parks with out life guards due to the fact that if I get in trouble of have a medical emergency, there is no one to help me out. Make sure to bring a bottle of sunblock/sunscreen with you for the sun out here is very h3 UV Rays wise. On your way to the beach of your choice, stop on by a store and pick up some drinks (No Alcohol Drinking allowed at the Beach Parks per State/County Laws), BBQ stuff, and snacks. Make sure to please throw your garbage away in the trash cans the County has provided to you. A majority of the beach parks here on Maui include grills! YES I said it grills! Sometimes folks here Host their own “Iron Chef Competitions” at the beach park to show their latest Southern/Hawaiian BBQ. Also if your at a hotel ask the Customer Service desk or pool officials for a towel or a whole stack for the entire group. Make sure to double up on towels though, 1 for laying on the sand and 1 for using when you shower off. Maui hotels and condos should have the towels for you to use. If not just bring the towels you have from your room then call room service to bring you a fresh stock when you get back or right away. Please read up on the tips Below for your Maui Beach Experience

Parking Lot Tips:

-Check you Surroundings
-Always Lock your rental car
-Take everything with you when you go to the beach
-Always leave things of high value at the hotel/motel/condo (Utilize the safety deposit box)

BBQ/Cooking Tips:

-Use Fire wood/Charcoal/lighter fluid in a safe manner
-Do not use gasoline to start any fires
-Be careful when igniting the fire.
-Sanitize the grill grate for about 15-30 minutes before use after lighting the grill. The Heat will kill off any leftover bacteria and viruses
-Please throw your garbage in the trash cans for if Lifeguards catch you littering you don’t want to pay a $275 fine.
-Enjoy your grilling on the beach experience

Beach Tips:

-Swim at your own risk (Like I stated in my Iao Valley Swimming tips)
-Always Face the Ocean for conditions change without notice
-Do not swim or enter during flash flooding
-Do Not Enter when it is unsafe to do so (Look at the Red Flags and Posted Warnings on the beach from the lifeguards)
-Comply with all Lifeguard requests for they not only save lives, but are also the beach police here on Maui.

Also try these fun beach activities out. They are not only fun, but you will learn a lot about the traditions of each ativity! I always enjoy Canoe Paddling and Snuba Diving. Try it for yourself folks! Even the kids will enjoy it.

Here some activities you can sign up for with from us here Hawaii Aloha Travel:
-Standard Surf Lessons
-Canoe Paddling
-Paddle Boarding
-Wind Surfing
-Snuba Diving
-Scuba Diving

Over all the beaches here on Maui are all very safe to go and relax at. Most beaches here like I said have grills and tables for you to use. That covers Beaches here on Maui with Lifeguard protection. More blogs on Maui to come soon. Enjoy your Hawaii vacation and remember to always book with us here at hawaii-aloha.com! A Hui Hou!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 11, 2010