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Drive to Hana Tips

A ton of people ask me daily, “How is the trip to Hana?” My reply to them is “The Road trip to Hana or the flight to Hana?” I always advise the visitors to take what ever mode of transportation they want to head to Hana. Hana (Ha Na) is a very small town in East Maui. Random Hana Town Fact: Besides Kalaupapa on Molokai, Hana is one of the nation’s most isolated communities. The popular locations are the Waianapanapa State Cabins, Hana Bay, The 7 Sacred Pools, and so much more. The Road to Hana starts in Kahului in Central Maui and ends in Hana. Pending on weather conditions the trip from Kahului/Central Maui into Hana is about 5.5 hours. From West Maui to Hana we are looking at a 7 hour drive. From South Maui 6.5 hour drive. Make sure like I said in my Haleakala Sunrise post to get enough rest before the drive to Hana. Use extreme caution when driving to and from Hana for there are sharp turns and twists in the road and sharp drop offs on the side of the road. On the way to Hana once you pass Haiku and Pauwela, you will see some breath taking water falls, tons of beautiful Rain forests, and may even see whales out in the ocean. The drive to Hana is very nice and pleasant. You may even want to stop on the way there and pick up some souvenirs and produce from the local vendors out there. My favorite place to eat out in Hana is Tutus Snack Shop right on the beach at Hana Bay and Hasegawas General Store in the out skirts of Hana. You can also wee old Hawaiian Fish Ponds, Gardens, get a massage, hit the beach, and all together all out wonderful experience. Hana Maui is by far one of my favorite places to go and relax.

Notice to visitors with rental/loaner cars: Make sure to drive only on Hana Highway to and from Hana. Do not take the back roads to and from Hana. Rental Car companies h3ly urge this and it may breach your rental contract with them in the event a breakdown does happen. It is very hard for Tow companies/Fire/Police/EMS/

Rental Car companies to get out there to respond to the back roads in break down events.

Tips That will Help you out before you take the roads to Hana:

Personal Check List:
-Make sure to get enough rest before the trek out
-Load up on drinks and snacks
-Leave stuff of High value at your hotel or condo room
-take only what you need with you (wallet, towels, coolers, back packs, etc)

Vehicle Check List:
-Test your lights out and make sure they work properly
-Test your breaks to make sure they work for you will need to break frequently
-Make sure to have a full tank of fuel before you depart
-Make sure your tires are inflated properly

Hana Bay:
-Swim at your own risk for there are no life guards on post. Maui Police Department Officers and Maui Fire FIghters do make patrols of the area and will assist in life guard duties if needed.
-Use good judgment before swimming
-Stay close to the shoreline and don’t venture out too far
-When walking to the docks do not go past the fence or try to climb over it.

Overall Hana Maui is a very relaxing place and hey you may not even want to leave at the ending of your Hana trip. That covers Hana maui in East Maui. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Julia Choi

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 6, 2010