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Hawaii Cruise Terminology You Need to Know

Many folks who are planning a 7 Day NCL Hawaii Cruise are first-time cruisers and may not be familiar with some of the terminology. This post will help you understand some of the definitions that might be a little hard to understand and will help you when you decide to call us to book your cruise.

Forward, Aft and Mid sections

These terms refer to the location of your cabin on the ship. Ships are usually pided up into even thirds. Forward cabins are towards the front of the ship, Aft cabins are at the back of the ship and Mid cabins are located towards the middle of the ship. Ships are usually pided up into even thirds. Many folks like to be in the middle of the ship because in general it’s less “tippy” or in other words, you will be less likely to feel the ship rocking. The thing to remember about the Hawaii cruise that there is not a whole lot of cruising actually going on, you travel at night and ports are very close to each other, so the location of your cabin may not be as important on the Hawaii Cruise as it is for cruises that are longer in duration.

Cabin category; inside, oceanview, balcony, suites

These terms refer to the type of cabin that you’ll be staying in. An inside cabin is generally the smallest cabin with no windows. Many folks have no problem with this kind of cabin because on the Hawaii Cruise a lot of time is spent on land so therefore there is not a lot of opportunity to be either on a balcony or looking out a window. Oceanview cabins are slightly larger and they have windows they can have either a porthole or a picture window. On the NCL pride of America most of these oceanview cabins are on the lower Deck 4. Make sure you ask one of our agents whether you are getting a picture window or porthole. Balcony cabins are also a bit larger than oceanview and have a private balcony however, when looking at the square footage of the cabin it also includes the balcony so the actual size is not that much larger than the oceanview cabins. Suites are the largest cabins available on a ship. These include the penthouse, family & owner suites and villas. These are larger cabins,include more than in general have much larger bathrooms. These cabins are the most expensive on the ship and the amenities include everything from your own hot tub to a personal concierge available to you 24 seven. Folks were lucky enough to afford these cabins get special VIP services including special tables at restaurants and 24-hour room service.

Guarantee category

Sometimes this is the most confusing term of all for people. There are times when the cruise line offers a guarantee category which means that you can book a cabin in a specific category however, we won’t be able to tell you specifically which cabin you’ll be staying in until it’s assigned which can be only a few weeks before the sailing date. The word guarantee in this case means that you’ll be guaranteed the category that is offered to you or be upgraded higher depending on availablity. For example, you could book a BC cabin on deck six but be upgraded to BA on deck 12. We usually recommend you do this any time is offered to you because in all likelihood you get a better cabin than you originally paid for when you booked. Keep in mind that once the cabin is assigned it cannot be changed so if you need a specific cabin or if you’re traveling with other people that you want to be right next to while you’re on the ship than a guarantee is not for you.

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands is a great way to see more of Hawaii in a short period of time. We are experts on Hawaii cruises so if all of this still seems a little confusing to you just give us a call at 1-800-843-8771 and any agent can help you.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 19, 2010