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Plan Now For a Summer Wedding in Hawaii

We’re planning a wedding! Not like a morning news show, this is for real. My daughter is getting married in Hawaii in August. I’ll update you every now and then on the preparations. For now, the key piece of advice is to plan early!

Our wedding is in August and I thought that we should start getting the airfare and hotel lined up sometime in April.I usually travel in the off-season and six weeks ahead is plenty of time. But Yaling (at Hawaii-Aloha Travel) insisted that we need to book an August trip by February because it is part of the Hawaii summer season. I write blog posts for the travel agency that she and Bruce Fisher own, but I am not a travel expert. I am just finishing my first year here and still am in awe of the state and way of life that Hawaii represents.

We picked a date and got her the information for the wedding party (which really is a party: my daughter and her fiancee have four children between them). Yaling has been able to get cheap Hawaii travel packages from both Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado for right at $1,000 per person for airfare and five nights in a hotel. Granted, several people are sharing rooms but no one is on a roll-away or the floor. (I don’t think I could stay in either Dallas or Denver for that rate.)

So we have reservations at a hotel near the beach in Waikiki for the wedding party, my other daughters and my mother. They are all flying from one “D” (Dallas or Denver). We still have details to pin down but I leave you with one other critical piece of information. Hawaii is closing state offices on some “Furlough Fridays” to save money. To get a marriage license, both parties will need to be present in Hawaii on a day the office is open, which may not be on Friday. So: plan now for a summer wedding and plan to arrive early enough to get the marriage license on Thursday, just in case.

Stay tuned.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 17, 2010