ABC Lost Star to appear in Hawaii Five-0 remake

It looks like Daniel Dae Kim of ABC LOST fame will be gainfully employed in television at least for a little while longer as CBS has confirmed that they are signing him to star in the remake of Hawaii Five -0. Lost has officially wrapped so now Kim is free to look for other roles. There was speculation a few weeks ago that the series wouldn’t even be filmed in Hawaii but all of that has been put to rest as location scouts arrived yesterday and filming is apparently going to begin in mid-March. Kim will be playing the role of Chin Ho Kelly which was originally played by Kam Fong.

Kim has set roots in and has become a full-time resident of Hawaii.He is part owner of the designer burger franchise “The Counter” in Kahala which ironically was the site of many of the Hawaii Five-0 episodes and home to a statue of Jack Lord only a few hundred yards away.

CBS says it expects the pilot to be delivered in April and to have a final decision in May with the premiere sometime in the fall. If the series is picked up picked up, production would go into full swing in the summer. It’s still uncertain who will be playing the role of McGarrett but rumors are circulating that Alex O’Loughlin is on the top of the list which makes sense since he’s been in several CBS productions most notably Moonlight, where he played private investigator and vampire Mick St. John.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher