Hawaii Winter Wardrobe = Add SOCKS!

People who live in Hawaii are freezing. We are in the midst of a cold snap that has sent temperatures plunging to below 70 degrees overnight – nearly 65 degrees! It is so cold that people are wearing long sleeves and…. SOCKS!

I am serious. The trending topic in my Twitter/Facebook streams today was the need to wear socks. It is an indicator of winter weather here, much like a down jacket on the mainland. My sister is bracing for yet another ice storm in Kansas, my brother has moved mountains of snow in Colorado but in Hawaii, I am considering wearing socks!

This is really an issue. My entire shoe wardrobe is three sets of slippers (flip flops), one pair of hiking boots and some sneakers I bought to wear to the gym but never do. So, I don’t really have anything to wear my one pair of socks WITH except hiking boots or gym shoes. Neither of them is as comfortable as my slippers. I really need to get some of those socks from Japan that look like foot-mittens (big toe pided from the rest of the toes like the thumb/fingers pide in mittens). That would let me wrap my frosty toes in sockly warmth and still wear slippers.

Actually, I feel the chill in the air but sweaters have been a little too warm and my bare feet are fine. However, it truly does not take long to adjust to the minor changes in temperature on the islands. “Cold” weather is 70 degrees or below, “hot” weather is 80 degrees or above. Many, many days stay right in the 70-80 degree range. Back in Colorado, the temperature would fluctuate by ten degrees in the time it took to consume a bagel. So even though the temperature isn’t as cold as it is in Colorado, if you plan on taking a Hawaii vacation anytime soon, pack socks just in case.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher