Fan-Friendly LOST Premiere in Hawaii

LOST fans and stars shared their love of the show at this weekend’s Hawaii premiere. Fans waited for hours on the beach for the sneak peek. When the time came for the red carpet arrivals, stars returned the favor. They waved, smiled, signed autographs and posed for innumerable photos. I was with the fans at the fence near where limos dropped off the stars — not inside with press access but right amid the fans. I’ve posted photos below that I took with a simple point and shoot camera, I’m sure everyone near me has similar souvenires.

Honestly, I am not a real fan of the show. I have seen it, but right now I don’t really follow any TV series very regularly, especially not one that requires me to keep up. But I am a true fan of these stars. They were so gracious, it is hard to imagine what more they could have done. It was truly an evening of aloha!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher