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LOST Location Tour IRL on Oahu

LOST tee shirts and caffeine is the story of the morning for participants in the tour sponsored by Hawaii-Aloha Travel and the Transmission blog of Ryan and Jenn Ozawa. Wendy, Makana (in front) and Julio Bachiller are locals but that means they drove in from Ewa early this Sunday morning to join the tour highlighting locations where LOST has filmed on Oahu. Other tour participants only had to journey to the lobby of the Park Shore Waikiki but many of them, too, visited the coffee shop next door while waiting for the bus to depart. They were tired from last night’s excitement but determined not to miss anything!

Almost everyone has a favorite story about last evening’s premiere showing of the first episode of LOST’s final season. Many share photos of themselves with LOST stars, either as they walked the red carpet or later as they gathered at an after party in Waikiki.

Tracy Steel and her husband Chad came from Tucson for the tour. They’ve been to Hawaii several times, so the big attraction was the opportunity to meet and mingle with other LOST fans, as well as getting a sneak peak at the premiere. Tracy is one of many taking back photographic evidence of her brush with the stars.

As the fans showed one another photos and shared stories, the common thread was how friendly and approachable the LOST stars are for fans. If you add up the number of photos just taken by those in the lobby this morning, the LOST actors must have been pausing and smiling for amateur cameras every third step — and that’s not to count the photos in the morning paper and on television news. It may be that they will miss Hawaii as much as the state will miss LOST when this season ends.

Today’s tour includes many locations on the island of Oahu where LOST has filmed over the years. Ryan and Jenn are acting as fan-guides. They’ve had to pide their talents — there are so many people interested in the tour that they filled two large tour buses and a lead van. Ryan is in one bus and Jenn in the other, at lunch they’ll switch. When it came time to load up, Yaling Fisher checked names off the list and Bruce Fisher collected lunch money. They’re off!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 31, 2010