LOST screen is raised, beach village grows

The viewing screen was just put into place inside the framework that towers over Waikiki Beach (about 2 pm). It is the most visibile evidence of continuing preparations for the LOST final season premiere this evening. Food vendors are set up inside the small white tents to the left and doing a brisk business. Along with the smell of the grill, the sound of music from loudspeakers fills the air.

The white chairs inside the fenced off area for VIPs now have different colored paper marking them into sections. The small beach stand renting umbrellas and surfboards is now completely surrounded by the crowd of LOST watchers that now extends well down the beach from the screen.

This morning, Ryan and Jen Ozawa staked out a space for visitors taking part in the LOST tour they arranged with Bruce and Yaling Fisher.

It is now somewhere in the middle of the crowd, but Ryan is still taking care of his many guests. It is still overcast but warm now, umbrellas are used to shield from the sun rather than this morning’s sprinkles. Hope everyone has water and sunscreen!