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LOST links fans in Hawaii

Lulu’s restaurant overlooks the section of Waikiki Beach where the LOST premiere will be shown this evening. Part of the Hawaii-Aloha/Transmissions Blog fan tour includes brunch, so the restaurant is filled with people wearing LOST tee shirts, hats and carrying LOST bags. The buzz of conversation reaches into the hallway as the excitement of meeting fellow fans is fueled with caffeine.

Emily and Taylor Morden came from Portland, Oregon for the event. When asked who the LOST fan is, she pointed and he smiled. It is not their first trip to Hawaii, they have visited the Big Island previously. When asked if anything surprised them about this visit, Taylor said he was impressed with how friendly everyone is on Oahu, even though Honolulu is a big city. “We were told that the island of Hawaii would be friendly,” Taylor said, “but it is really nice to see how friendly everyone is here, too.”

Their breakfast companions span more geographic distance. Rina Kapuya came from Istanbul, Turkey for this LOST premiere. She says LOST is popular in Turkey, so she is not the only fan, but she may be the most ardent. Not everyone would come this far. To her left, Dunya Onen is a graduate of the high school in Turkey where Rina teaches. Dunya now lives in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. While she enjoys LOST, she’s not sure she would travel from Turkey for the experience. But a flight from island to island is more than worth a reunion with her friend and former teacher.

LOST fans are leaving the breakfast with full tummys, fortified for the hours on the beach in anticipation of the 5:30 red carpet arrivals.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 30, 2010