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LOST countdown on the beach at Waikiki

At 8:30 on an overcast and drizzly Saturday morning in Waikiki, LOST fans are already staking out space on the sand for tonight’s season finale. The premier begins at 6:30. For the time-challenged among you, that’s ten hours from now. Along with straw beach mats and umbrellas, beach-sitters have brought books, cards and board games. Electronics don’t go so well with water and sand any time, and this wait will exhaust even the most durable battery.

LOST fans who are part of the tour arranged by Bruce and Yaling Fisher and Ryan and Jen Ozawa are invited to a mid-morning brunch at the hotel across the street. They’ve worked out shifts for brunching and beach-sitting so that everyone is fed without loss of precious viewing area.

The screening this evening is part of “Sunset on the Beach,” a weekly showing of movies on the Diamond Head end of Waikiki Beach. Tonight it is devoted to an advance screening of the LOST final season premiere. When televised on Tuesday, February 2, the episode will be two hours. Only one hour will be shown this evening, followed by an episode of a new show “Modern Family.”

In addition to being the first to see the season opener, Hawaii participants will be treated to red carpet arrivals of LOST cast and producers, who will be able to sit in the white folding chairs set up and fenced off yesterday afternoon. The VIPs are scheduled to arrive at 5 pm, a mere eight and a half hours from now. It’s so close!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 30, 2010