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Casual red carpet for Hawaii LOST premiere

LOST fans gathered on Waikiki Beach were treated to an island-style red carpet arrival of cast members of the popular television program. The final season begins with a televised two hour season opener on Tuesday but tonight those fans devoted enough to brave the crowds on the sand got a special preview of the first hour. People began arriving with the sun this morning to stake out a place on the sand in front of the huge 30-foot screen. At mid-afternoon, the beach was filled with chairs, blankets and beach mats and by the time the program began, people were sitting and standing body-to-body. Passage ways narrowed to a trickle.

And yet, the crowd was happy, enthusiastic and, for the most part, friendly and congenial. While the space out front filled up, some fans took their places along the fences at the street where limos deposited the series stars. Although there were television crews covering the event, no special interview area was set aside. The stars shook hands, signed autographs, and posed for photos with the fans along the fences. Most took their time visiting fans on both sides.

There was no need to ask which designer they were wearing — while a couple of the women arrived in chic short dresses, most of the actors wore jeans and casual shirts. They seemed as relaxed as the wardrobe, enjoying the fans’ enthusiasm for LOST as the show enters its final season.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 30, 2010