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Cool breezes and hot dancers at LOST dinner in Hawaii

It is chilly this evening in Waikiki, just breezy enough that my plastic cup blew off the table and into Aloha Bruce’s lap twice while I was trying to eat crab legs. Fortunately, it was empty and he’s a good sport. The poolside dinner also included traditional Hawaiian food like roast pig, lomilomi salmon, purple sweet potatoes and, of course, rice. While we ate, a LOST trailer that summarizes the entire history of the show was shown on the giant screen.

But ask anyone what they remember about the meal and it will probably be the dancers. The Tahitian dance group included both men and women and all sorts of shakin’ was going on. Some members of the audience were enticed to join in on one dance. I won’t post the photos here but I’m betting they make a dozen Facebook pages by morning.

The dinner is over and the next event of the tour is tomorrow morning’s brunch. Most LOST fans grabbed a light jacket or long sleeved shirt and are heading out to explore Waikiki. As I post this in the hotel lobby, another group that I recognize from dinner is leaving— including the New Zealanders I mentioned earlier.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 29, 2010