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Fore! Hawaii is golf heaven

With 71 courses on the six major islands of Hawaii, no one has to go far to play a round of golf. This year’s PGA tour opened with a tournament in Kapalua last week, followed by another in Honolulu this week. President Obama enjoyed the pastime frequently during his recent vacation. If golfing is an addiction for you or just something you’ve always thought about trying, it’s an easy addition to a Hawaii vacation.

I have many family members and friends who golf. One former boss probably falls in the “addiction” category. I do not, and have not ever, golfed (excluding that one semester in community college when it counted as a PE credit no matter how badly executed.) If you want inside recommendations on golf courses from a participant’s point of view, check out posts by Jamie Winpenny on this site. However, I can appreciate the number, variety and sheer beauty of Hawaii’s golf courses.
The photo on this post is of Koolau Golf Course. It is ranked as a top course in Hawaii and the nation, considered as one of the most challenging in the U.S. Something about having to get the ball over a jungle ravine — twice — on the 18th hole. I don’t know about that, but I have seen the jungle ravines. Several hikes depart from the parking lot and I went on one of them this past weekend. I’ll tell you about it soon.

First, though, something I didn’t see mentioned in the descriptions of the Koolau Golf Course. The First Presbyterian Church holds services there on Sundays. I’m sure not everyone attends services with the keys to a golf cart in their pockets but I find the image amusing. That probably accounts for the large cross that overlooks the putting green, too, although it is fun to imagine that golfers solicit pine intervention on that last hole.

Posted by: Jamie Winpenny on Jan 12, 2010