A great way to get to Hana without the long Drive

Here’s a great idea if you’re going to Maui and want to do something really unusual and fun. I admit this isn’t for everyone and it’s quite pricey, but I promise it will be an activity you’ll never forget.

I first got this idea when Yaling (my wife and business partner) and I were taking a Hawaii cruise a couple of years ago. The cruise in Hawaii is designed to give you a lot of land time. You actually get a day and a half on Maui and another day and a half on Kauai. Yaling had driven to Hana before but didn’t want to make the long journey again. I thought it would be great to take a helicopter from Kahului airport (where the ship docks) to Hana and then drive back just one way back to Kahului. Yaling suggested that we stay at Hotel Hana for the night so we wouldn’t have to fly and then drive back in one day.

I contacted a couple of helicopter companies and discovered that we could fly to Hana from Kahului. We did have to pay for a round-trip flight that cost approximately $500. We rented a car at the Hana airport for an additional $60, drove to the hotel and stayed overnight. We woke up early and had a nice leisurely ride back to the cruise ship.

Since that time I’ve discovered a company that actually specializes in air-land tours. It’s called the Hana Skytrek and is run by a company called Temptation Tours. The air-land tour takes about six hours to complete. You fly by helicopter to Hana and return in a nice comfortable van to the airport at Kahalui. Hana Skytrek even provides lunch or a special dinner if you want to do the tour later in the afternoon.

If you are already taking a vacation of a lifetime, why not do something a little different? Spend the money and be a rock star for a day! If you would like more information or want to book this tour, give me a call at 1+800-843-8771 ext. 22