Our Day in Waikiki With a Special 3 Year Old Boy

A couple of days ago my wife (@alohayaling) and I got to play parents for a few hours in Waikiki to a 3 1/2-year-old boy. We have no children of our own by choice. Yaling loves kids and it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything like that so we thought it would be wonderful time. This experience reminded me how great Waikiki is for kids and how little things can be so wonderful to a child.

We started off walking in Fort DeRussy Park where this little guy took pleasure in just about everything around him. He pointed to the trees, found cool looking bugs, ran back and forth in different directions, and even found a dollar bill on the ground! Unexpectedly he had to go to the bathroom in the middle of our journey. We took him to the nearby Nike Store where he was able to take care of business. I helped him wash and dry his hands, and Yaling adjusted his pants. It’s weird how all of this came natural to me because I actually never did it before!

The store became an adventure in itself. He looked at colorful sneakers and wanted them all but settled for a little soccer ball to give to his Daddy (he wanted to use the dollar he found earlier). We went up and down the elevator and marveled at the bridges that connect different parts of the store inside the building. The adventure ended up with us looking at cannons and airplanes at the Army Museum.

If you travel with children, keep in mind that many hotels in Hawaii offer special programs for kids. The sessions are fun for youngsters and they give you the opportunity to enjoy some adult time on your own – maybe at a beachside bar, in the surf, or just on the beach. In the meantime, your children can learn boogie boarding, ceramic painting, fishing, lei making, and much more. They can create lava-filled volcanoes that actually smoke. Some learn the hula; others learn to paint Hawaiian tapa cloths.

A number of hotels offer excursions to fascinating attractions and locales on their islands. Night adventures are available too, so parents can sneak off for a romantic dinner or bawdy show while the kids are crab hunting, decorating cookies, or learning Hawaiian culture. An added bonus, they can make new friends to communicate with when they return home. In addition, you can find services in Waikiki that offer babysitting and tours for little ones.

Get in touch with me and I can tell you about hotel activities for children and make sure the accommodations will be appropriate for your whole family.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher