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Shopping For Hawaii Vacations Online Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

OK, maybe not physically hazardous, but definitely mentally hazardous. Customers tell me when they shop online for Hawaii Vacations they can go blind looking at all the choices. Every day we receive calls from people who don’t seem to understand the difference between what travel agents do and what online megastore sites such as Travelocity, Priceline or Expedia do when booking a vacation. When you book with us you are booking your trip with a real person who lives in Hawaii, not an automated online system.

Unfortunately, very often people are deceived by what they see online and think they are getting a great deal when often they are really not. For example, you may see a great deal on a hotel but think that breakfast or parking is included when it’s not. Another common mistake folks make is they do look closley at airfare and later discover that there are long layovers or flights that take you backwards to go forward.

All of our agents are trained professionals who know the current prices on the various megastore sites; we see the same things you see. Very often travel agents, especially those of us in Hawaii can meet and even beat those great prices offered by online travel sites. The main difference between travel agents and the online travel sites is that we provide you personalized services to make sure your trip is handled right. So in other words, you can get the same or cheaper price with travel agents but with the important value of service. An added plus to using a Hawaii travel agent is that you are contributing to the local economy without costing you a single penny more.

Booking a Hawaii Vacation can be complicated. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve received from people who have booked their Hawaii trips online and have been disappointed because they didn’t make informed decisions. Getting good customer service is a huge issue for most people when booking Hawaii. Keep in mind when you’re traveling to Hawaii you’re not traveling to a mainland destination and that’s a big difference! In fact when you ask people who post negative comments where they booked their trip, most of them will say “I booked it online” without any human interaction. This is a big mistake!

When you book with Hawaii-Aloha.com you’re booking your vacation with a real person, not a faceless online travel website. You may have found us online, but once the initial interaction with our website is completed, all your other interactions are with real people.

I guess what I’ve been trying to say all along is book with us and we’ll have your back.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 1, 2009