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Tips For Choosing the Right Location on Maui (Part 2)

(Note this is part 2 of our series on choosing the right location on Maui

(click here for part 1)

Focusing on the south side you’ll find Kihei, home to lots of condos, one after another along the beach. While this is not my favorite location to stay, it’s certainly beautiful and can be a good choice. Be careful with your condo selection and check with a travel agent to make sure of your choices. If you’re on a tight budget, Kihei may be the right choice for you. You’ll find beautiful beaches at Kameole I, II and II, and many boat tours leave from nearby Maalaea Harbor.

At almost the tip of the southern part of the island is Wailea. Home to some of the most amazing resorts in all Hawaii, Wailea is my choice for honeymooners and those who are really looking for a vacation of a lifetime. Many five and six star accommodations are located in Wailea, but it is not only for the rich and famous, you can also find affordable condos here
as well, including the Palms of Wailea and Aqua Diamond Wailea Resort.Wherever you choose to stay when you go to Maui, make sure you do your homework to pick the best location to ensure you enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

On the southern tip of the island is an area known as Makena. There’s only one resort in that area and it’s called the Maui Prince Hotel. The prices are pretty affordable and you get all the amenities of a major resort and the property is quite expansive. It’s truly are one of the most beautiful sections of beach in all of Maui and a short drive to the
beautiful Makena State Park.

About 25 miles to the east is Hana. If you’re looking at the map will be on the far right. Many people have heard of the road Hana which is a wonderful way to spend a day and experience a lot of natural beauty in Hawaii. You can stop along the way and see sacred Falls waterfall. There is only one major resort in Hana and it’s called Hotel Hana. It’s a beautiful plantation style resort making this a perfect quiet getaway with wonderful ranch cottages. This is a very pricey property a well worth the cost. I love to put honeymoon couples here and also like to split vacation to Maui with some time being spent in, and also time spent in Kaanapali. It’s almost like staying on two different islands.

Finally, while there’s some wonderful places to stay in bed and breakfast types of accommodations in other parts of the island, the only other hotels are located in Kahalui on the Northern side of the island. This is where the airport is located and this a very busy hub for business on Maui. The two hotels that are there are very marginal and are not recommended unless you’re staying there for a night or a really inexpensive place to stay. It’s about 20 minutes to the Wailea/Kihei area and about 45 to 50 minutes to the Kaanapali area.

(Note this is part 2 of our series on choosing the right location on Maui

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 25, 2009