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Tips For Choosing the Right Location On Maui (Part 1)

If you’re considering Maui for your Hawaii vacation you’re probably wondering where would be the best place to stay on the island. I often get this question and base my recommendations on customers’ inpidual travel needs. That being
said, here is some basic information that I think would be helpful to anyone who is considering a trip to Maui. This is general overview of the island and it’s always best to check with a travel agent to make sure you avoid any problems
with the location you have chosen.

Please note this is a Part 1 of a 2 Part series on this subject and focuses on the West and South sides of the Island

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When you look at a map of Maui, it’s similar to a sideways figure eight. We’ll start from the left side (northwest side) and work our way around the island. On the northwest side is Kapalua where you’ll find the beautiful beach at Kapalua
Bay. Although the trade winds can be h3, there’s true magic looking out across the Bay and relaxing here. Kapalua is considered a somewhat “high end” area. You’ll find the Ritz Carlton and Kapalua Bay Villas which are both
adjacent to two golf courses. One potential downside is a bit of a walk to the beach at Kapalua Bay from most of the resorts there.

Moving south from the northwest side is Napili. In this area you’ll only find condos, no major resorts or hotels. However, some of these condos are quite nice and even provide restaurants and spas on property. Many of the condos very
affordable and are located right along or across the beach. The area is perfect for families and small groups. The major attraction in Napili is Napili Bay. I always make it a point to snorkel there and I’m never disappointed. Napili Bay
is very safe and I often see beautiful sea turtles there.

Further southwest is Honokauai. This area is heavily populated with condos. Similar to Napili, Honokauai does not have any major resorts or hotels. Honokauai is one of my favorite places for visitors because it’s a bit closer to the action in Lahaina and Kaanapali. Unfortunately, some beaches are not conducive for swimmers due to coral rock. If swimming is a priority for you, make sure to find the right beaches.

On the west side is Kaanapali, one of the most popular resort areas on the island. Here you’ll find amazing resort hotels and wonderful condos. There’s lots of action; shopping and restaurants all connected by a walkway behind the
hotels with the Whalers Village the central focal point. You won’t feel isolated here, there is a lot to do and see. Kaanapali is a good mix of cosmopolitan and tropical activities.

Located nearby Kaanapali is Lahaina, the heart of Maui in many ways. Lahaina is home to Lahaina Town. This is an old whaling village which is now a promenade with museums, restaurants, shops and more. Lahaina is a wonderful place to stay for those who either can’t or don’t want to rent a car. Everything is centrally located and extremely easy to find in Lahaina. No traveling is necessary to enjoy numerous activities Lahaina has to offer. Don’t worry, you can find budget
friendly condos in Lahaina, including the Lahaina Shores and Aina Nalu.

Please note this is a Part 1 of a 2 Part series

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 22, 2009