Yes, You Can Find Deals on Designer Clothes in Hawaii

When you come to Hawaii probably the last thing on your mind is finding any really good deals, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories. Sure you can imagine finding some inexpensive T-shirts or some souvenirs on sale but for the most part Hawaii isn’t considered a fashion mecca for deals on those kind of items.

Last week my in-laws from Taiwan wanted to do something almost immediately when they arrived. They wanted to go shopping. Not just any place, they wanted to go to the Waikele Premium Outlet stores. Apparently the bargains that they found were so terrific they couldn’t wait to get back. The big draw for them on they’re last visit was the “Coach” factory outlet. They bought several bags for their friends and family back home which cost twice as much and they would’ve had to pay it back in Taiwan.

This time it was no exception. We hopped in the car and headed for a long ride to Waikele. And you guessed it, they made a beeline for the coach factory outlet. In a matter of about a half an hour they came out with several shopping bags with deals that they could not believe they found. Apparently they weren’t alone this store was filled with people on the Monday afternoon all bargain hunters and most of them from either Japan or somewhere in Asia.

The deals don’t just stop there with the coach factory. There is a wonderful Armani exchange store which we’ve been shopping at for years. For example, I needed some new board shorts and the best price I could find at anywhere was
$38-$61, at the Armani exchange I got a pair of high quality shorts for only $29. I know this store has great prices because I’ve also shopped at the outlet malls in Las Vegas and don’t find the same deals that I can get here in Hawaii.
My wife who loves shoes, has found many great deals at nine West, and some nice designer dresses at Saks Fifth Ave. There is a great Tumi outlet where I found an amazing deal on a computer tote that I’ve always wanted.

If you have a rental car it’s a nice drive but there are other options including shuttles and trolleys that take you directly there from your hotel in Waikiki. It’s a long ride, but you get to see some of the scenery of Oahu on your way
there. If you’re a shopaholic it’s perfect for you, they even have a VIP shopping club which gets you even more discounts if you’re serious about this kind of activity.

So the next time you come to Oahu you may want to think twice about the shopping thing, there is actually a great place where you can find bargains on designer clothing and accessories. For more information or to book a trip there just give
us a call or visit our website at

Posted by: Bruce Fisher