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Do A Dinner Cruise on your Hawaii Vacation

While you’re in the islands, by all means take a short cruise. They’re easy to find. If your Hawaii hotel doesn’t have its own cruise ship, just ask your concierge or at the activities desk.

Although there are many cruises available for short jaunts, the ones that offer the most are the dinner cruises.

You’re going to get a sunset unless the weather is really bad. You’re going see some wonderful sights both before and after sunset – skylines and landmarks on the nearby island, and maybe some activity from dolphins that are very social and like to hang out near the cruise ships. Maybe the dolphins are hoping for something edible to be dropped from the decks, or maybe they’re just showing off.

Depending on the cruise you choose, you’ll get excellent food, expertly prepared. You can indulge in a choice that features a five-course lobster and steak dinner, or opt for a less expensive buffet that you’ll find to be loaded with good stuff to eat. Most of the dinner cruises provide up to five cocktails, as well.

You’ll find the crew to be friendly and very interactive. Some of them become part of the entertainment, which appears after dark. You’ll enjoy either a boisterous Polynesian revue or a band backing singers in a way that invites dancing. (There aren’t many such venues on shore, you’ll find.) You might, in fact, find a cruise that offers both styles of entertainment.

If you’ve brought the family, the entertainment is suitable for kids, and the ships allow exploring throughout the unrestricted areas.

Transportation to and from your hotel is usually included, and you can get packages that include another attraction after you dock – usually one of the popular ones in the area where you’re staying or in one of the posh resorts.

If you have other interests that appeal to you, there are day cruises – most of which serve lunch – that will take you to areas where snorkeling or scuba ping is particularly good. In season, there actually are whale-watching cruises during which expert naturalists will tell you about humpback whales. In the off-season, you can take lessons to learn lei making, hula dancing or even ukulele playing. Some of the whale-watching cruises guarantee that you’ll see whales or they’ll take you out on a subsequent cruise until you do.

The dinner cruises, though, are the “don’t miss” cruises; full of fun with top-drawer service and spectacular sights and sunsets.

Pick an agent from the Hawaii-Aloha.com or call 1-800-843-8771. We’ll work a dinner cruise into your plans for you, making sure you take the one that would most appeal to you.

Posted by: Jamie Winpenny on Apr 15, 2009