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AquaResorts and Equus Hotel in Hawaii, A Class Act

While I’ve been in the travel industry for over 12 years in Hawaii, I can honestly say that there have been only a couple of Hotels here that have ever reached out to us in a meaningful way. I’m not complaining. It’s just basically a fact of life for us because we focus only on inbound business. We use wholesalers for most of our bookings and, as a result, we are “under the radar” and not noticed by a lot of the Hoteliers here in Hawaii. When we make reservations, for the most part, the hotels themselves don’t see our company name, they see the wholesaler’s name from whom we purchase the hotel space. Understandably, these hotels have no idea who is really on the front lines booking their properties.

This has never been the case with AquaResorts in Hawaii. From the day we met Robin Harlow (coincidentally at a wholesaler’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2004), AquaResorts has recognized us and done anything and everything to build on our relationship with their properties. This type of attention is the same attention that we can expect — and receive — when we put our customers in the Aqua properties. They have consistently been one of our top-selling hotel chains, providing an excellent product backed by what we consider to be the best people in the hotel industry in Hawaii.

Yesterday we had a chance to build further on our relationship with Aqua and spent a wonderful day as their guests at the Hawaii Polo club at Mokuleia on the North Shore of Oahu. The event was sponsored by the Equus Hotel, one of Aqua boutique hotels. We were greeted by Robin Harlow, Elizabeth Churchill and Susan Weander, GM of sales at the hotel.

The Equus is a wonderful property at which to stay. The rooms have been completely renovated, all with a “Polo, Equus” theme. The furniture is exquisite and hand-picked by the owners with lots of attention to details. If you’re coming to Oahu I highly recommend you consider the property; not only because of its ambiance, but also the perfect location near the Ala Moana shopping center and the Hawaii Convention Center.

Yaling and I had never been to a polo match so really didn’t know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was and what a great way it is to do something different on Oahu. The location of the Polo grounds overlooks the beach with nice breezes and views. The action was nonstop including a wonderful sky ping exhibition during halftime. After the match there was a live band with lots of partying, dancing and celebration.

If you’re coming to Oahu between now and the middle of August Mokuleiia polo is a great, fun, different thing to do for you and your family. And to top it off, if you stay at the Equus Hotel during the season, your tickets to the matches are free. That will make it even easier to experience the wonderful sport of polo.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 6, 2009