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HAWAII-ALOHA.COM Posts Its 500th Blog

Hawaii Aloha Travel, an on-line travel agency whose focus is on Hawaii vacations and whose site is browsed almost exclusively by potential island visitors from the mainland, posted its 500th blog on Friday, February 20. Throughout its site (hawaii-aloha.com), the company has been generating as much information as possible about travel to the state of Hawaii since 1998, keeping everything updated and embellished on a daily basis.

Blogs are added regularly, now on an average of six per week. According to co-owner Bruce Fisher, who runs the company with his wife Yaling Yu Fisher, “The blogs talk about the attractiveness of the islands rather than their attractions.”

The site accepts no advertising. “That allows our blogging to be done objectively. We aren’t beholden to advertising or PR clients and we don’t regenerate press releases.” Fisher says. The Fishers do visit hotels on all the islands systematically and update the site’s video reviews “… on an informational basis only. There’s no lure’ copy or puffery; just what each hotel offers along with its location and any unique attributes it may have.” The site also posts video news reports of happenings and developments in Hawaii that might be of interest to mainland people considering vacations in the islands.

Most of the blogs are written by Jim Winpenny, a 35-year veteran of Hawaii’s advertising-agency wars who now concentrates solely on “writing for fun.” Ya Ling Fisher says, “Jim just writes from his heart, using his amazing memory and researching his facts, of course.” He has recently chosen as such perse subjects as Oahu’s Kaimuki dining persity, the bed-and-breakfast-TVU controversy, the splendor and fate of Kauai’s Fern Grotto, the emergence of Downtown Honolulu’s Arts District as well as its sordid past, and the nature of local television in Hawaii. The 500th posting concerned the etiquette of poi.

Vacationers may also use the site to book all aspects of their trips with Hawaii Aloha Travel agents. Agents work directly with consumers, giving valuable advice and personal service. Agents are available interactively via the Internet and directly by toll-free telephone at 1-800-843-8771. Each agent has been trained extensively in virtually all aspects of Hawaii, and most were born and raised in the islands.

It’s a personal, attentive and immediate service unavailable for vacationers considering Hawaii in their travel plans through any other source but Hawaii Aloha Travel.

Posted by: Jamie Winpenny on Feb 21, 2009