In Hawaii, Hula is Part of the Experience

When you visit Hawaii, you’ll have ample opportunities to learn how to hula. If you already have learned the traditional dance, this is a good time to be here and indulge your interest.

The annual Invitational Hula Festival was held November 6-8 at the Waikiki Shell. Hula artists from 16 countries have assembled to celebrate everything natural in Hawaiian culture: costume, language, music and dance. Performances, although judged by 21 of hula’s most prestigious keepers of the art, remains a continuous cultural education and spiritual discipline.

Then, on November 13-15, the17th the annual World International Waikiki Hula Conference took place which is a rare opportunity to come to Hawaii to learn, share and experience the hula firsthand, with a variety of respected hula masters, many of whom do not travel outside Hawaii to teach. This all will all take place again next year, so you can give it a try on your Hawaiian Vacation.

Hula, while unique to the Hawaiian Islands, is taught worldwide in schools called halau. Hula is a very complex art form, and there are many hand motions used to signify aspects of nature, such as the basic Hula and Coconut Tree motions, or the basic leg steps such as the Kaholo, Kao, and Ami. If you’d like to take up the dance – or at least investigate its intricacies – go to and click on Halau Hula Listings.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher